Notes on a Sidechain

So I suppose you may be wondering what "Notes on a Sidechain" is about. It's a music blog. I talk about music I like and such. I make some music too, I've been playing and composing music for quite a while now, if only just for kicks, but that's hardly relevant here.

The name "Notes on a Sidechain" refers to two things, firstly, notes as in thoughts written on a page, which will explain for seemingly random and disorganised arguments you may read here. There's also the musical implication of the note, as in the note that has pitch and volume and timbre and all that. Secondly, the term sidechain refers to a technique that others can describe far greater than I, but basically, it's where, for example, you have a kick drum and a bass, and when the kick sounds, the bass "ducks" and surges back in the absence of the kick. It's like a sucking and surging, almost tidal, ebb and flow, which keeps the volume from getting too loud, and keeps everything sounding crystal clear. Over the years I've developed a fascination with electronic music, and while I'll no doubt highlight some of my favourites, it is not a staple of this blog. I also took the term "sidechain" on another double meaning, refering to the commentaries I'll make on the music that I choose to look into.

My aim here is not just to share what I like and leave it at that. I like a lot of bad stuff and I know it. But I'll try with everything to pick them apart and give them some sort of meaning, to me, and in a general fashion. So I like this, and this is what it is made up of, and this is why I like it, etc etc etc. And I hope you can get something from reading what I have to say, whether it be enjoying the music, or learning something about music, or learning something entirely different altogether different. This is Notes on a Sidechain, and as a conscienscious observer of music, this is what I have to offer.